About Tyche

Tyche Books is a Canadian small-press specializing in science-fiction and fantasy anthologies, novels, and non-fiction, all available as ebooks and trade paperbacks. We crave innovative stories that push the boundaries of our imaginations. We want to discover new voices and propel established authors further along their journey.

Our name “Tyche” (pronounced Tie-key) comes from the Greek goddess of fortune and prosperity. Tyche is also the name of the hypothetical gas planet in the Oort cloud. We felt it was the perfect balance of mythology and science, much like our press.

Based out of Alberta, Canada, we are the new home of BOLD Science Fiction, Fantasy and related Non-Fiction.

The Folks Behind The Curtain:

Margaret Curelas

Acquisitions Editor
Margaret enjoys Victorian fiction, a Proper Tea, and stalking authors at conventions. She is disappointed that the “no capes” rule applies to publishing.

Ryah Deines

Office Manager
Crunching numbers and making contact may be the boring reality of everyday life, Ryah thinks the best thing in life is to be curled up on a couch with a good book to read and a purring kitty on her lap. While this Aurora Award nominee gets many opportunities to do just that.. it is just never enough to satisfy her voracious reading appetite.

Lucia Starkey

Art Director
Lucia fights demons on Tuesdays and has a regular tea date with the local dragon on Wednesdays. When not sharpening her ensorcelled weapons or cleaning scorch marks off the china, she enjoys hanging out in disreputable galleries, discussing genre art and covers worth judging books by.

Allison Campbell

Social Media
Though she rarely leaps tall buildings no matter the number of bounds, Allison’s husband, child, two dogs, two cats, and part-time hamster think she deserves a cape. A lifelong unrepentant book addict, she is an accomplished smuggler of reading material into unusual places, knitter of almost-entirely recognizable garments, intrepid kitchen adventurer, and scribbler of the oddities in her head.


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