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Bookbinder’s Daughter



When Faelin’s father dies, he leaves her a dangerous legacy: the whispered words of a spell and a room filled with spellbooks.


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Faelin Keetley has kept secrets all in her life: she can read, a skill that none but the Conjurers are allowed. And she has taken over bookbinding jobs from her father, when women on the Bridge are forbidden professions.

Her father’s death leaves Faelin with even more dangerous secrets. His last words were a spell, and all his life he’s been hiding a room full of hundreds of spellbooks.

Worse, his death leaves her to the mercies of the Conjurers, and the traditions of the Bridge. Denied her livelihood and facing an arranged marriage or death, Fae takes an ancient family journal and escapes, determined to build a new life for herself.

But Fae’s secrets are catching up with her, and the Conjurers will do anything to discover them.


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