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City of Demons

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Garet’s life is forever changed when his family is attacked by a demon. Can he fight the fear, or will he become the Demon’s prey?

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Demons are invading the Midlands for the first time in centuries.

The farmers have no defences against the murderous creatures. Swords in the hands of ordinary soldiers have no effect against demons, for the ability to resist a demon’s power – a projection of paralyzing fear – cannot be taught.

Garet’s life is forever changed the night his midlands family is attacked. Demonstrating a rare talent for resisting demon fear, Garet is taken to the city of Shirath to become a Demonbane: one who can withstand the demons’ psychic assault, trained in combat, and learned in demon lore.

But the ancient city isn’t a safe haven, it’s a death trap. While opposing political forces vie for the throne, a new demon terrorizes the citizens. To save Shirath, Garet must find friends and allies quickly, because the biggest threat to the city isn’t the demons, but the people living within the city’s walls.

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2 reviews for City of Demons

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Great read!! Couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait for the sequel. Going to send a copy to my grandchildren on the east coast.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Although I am far from being a young adult, and even a bit on the other side of old-adult, this book fascinated, enthralled, touched, and pulled me in. I could not set it down. Kevin has mastered the art of subtle surprise. He must have truly lived in the world that he describes in the book because the vision of it is so clear to the reader. The wording is crafted, considered, and thoughtfully sculpted. Beautiful! Thank you so much. Will there be more from Kevin Harkness? I certainly hope so.

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