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Scandal and Secrets


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It’s a race against time as Roberta Stephenson oversees the construction of the steamship HMS Antiochus to turn back Napoleon’s invasion fleet.

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Britain faces down the threat of Napoleon’s invasion…

…while Roberta closes her mind to the scandal that assails her own life in order to concentrate on the construction of the ships the Navy needs. Her father-in-law, the Marquess of Tiverton, does not accept her marriage to his son aboard the frigate Medusa. Is she legally Lady Bond or is she an imposter?

Her friends work for her good name, even to the point of gaining her an audience with the Prince Regent, but her strongest champion, her husband, is away on the Continent carrying out a succession of duties for Lord Liverpool, the Prime Minister.

However, Roberta’s ships are her greatest assets as they gradually take back the command of the Channel from their enemies. Under the command of the new officers and crews trained aboard the Spiteful and her consorts, even the French Ironclad has to pay them mind. And Britain finds new heroes in the Black Gangs aboard the despised vessels that prove the mettle of steam to a service and a country wedded to sail for five hundred years.


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