Casserole Diplomacy

Casserole Diplomacy and Other Stories​ ​​
On Spec: The Canadian Magazine of the Fantastic

From its modest beginnings with a single test issue to its Aurora Award-winning present, On Spec has delighted its fans with tales of the fantastic for 25 years. What better way to celebrate On Spec’s silver jubilee than showcasing some of its best stories?

Spanning two decades of On Spec’s history, these twenty-four stories and poems offer a tantalizing taste of the wondrous, dark, humorous, and surreal tales that have appeared in its pages. Mind-bending tales of adventures and worlds where:
~ Once a generation the clouds part to reveal the stars . . .

~ A widow gives a lesson in Newfoundland hospitality to a trio of aliens . . .

~ A psychic ex-con must help the detective who put her in jail . . .

~ The wives of Sur la Mer hide horrific secrets behind their locked gates-and under garden toads . . .

~ The past and future collide when a Medieval Welsh king washes up on the shore . . .

~ In a post-apocalyptic world, a young man learns what it means to be a railman . . .

Celebrate On Spec Magazine’s Silver Jubilee with an anthology highlighting select stories from the past twenty-five years.

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