Christopher Hoare

Christopher Hoare was born in Britain three months before WWII started. Later, that resulted in a scholarship place for secondary education under the Butler Education Act and eventually to some engineering training at a Ministry of Supply establishment. While he appreciated the training, he really wanted to be a writer so he left halfway through the course for a stint in the Artillery, and then in the N. African oilfields, followed by a move to Canada and work in the Arctic and Northern bush. He had intended moving on but met his wife of 43 years and is still here–diligently writing at last, and turning all the life experience into somewhat contrarian fiction.

Most of his published novels—four out of six—have early steam power as a factor in the plot, and he claims his previous work experience with gear manufacture, steam generators, and steam powered utilities makes him almost a founding father of Gear-heads.

Books by Christopher Hoare