City of Masks

City of Masks
by Kevin Harkness
Life in the Banehall of Shirath has not gotten any easier for Garet and his friends. The Caller Demon is dead, but now the beasts seem determined to overrun the city. Attacks come day and night; the demons kill in packs, and terrible new forms of these monsters appear to spread terror among the citizens of Garet’s adopted home.

There is one hope. Masked figures hunt through the night-shrouded streets, killing demons and saving many lives. One such demon-killer has been following Garet through the streets, but whether she means to help or harm him is unknown.

What is known is that the demons –or the power behind them – will not stop until Shirath is destroyed. Unless, of course, the Masks destroy it first.
Mysterious masked figures roam the city at night–but are they here to fight Demons or Demonbanes?

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