Drowning in Amber

Drowning in Amber
by E.C. Bell
Marie Jenner is at it again!

As she tries—one more time with feeling—to pull her life together, she takes on the case of Honoria Lowe, a woman of interest in Eddie Hansen’s gruesome murder by crucifixion.

Since Marie knows where Eddie Hansen died, she figures it will be a slam dunk. All she has to do is ask him who nailed him to the tree, and she’ll have one in the win column for her more or less boss, James Lavall.

But James thinks Honoria’s either crazy or lying, and doesn’t want to take her case. Worse than that, Marie can’t find Eddie. He should have been right by the crucifixion tree, but he wasn’t. Of course.
There’s never a ghost around when you want one.

 Nominated for 2016 Aurora Award
Marie thinks it will be a simple case. She couldn’t be more wrong. There’s never a ghost around when you want one!

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