Helix: Scourge of Bones

Helix: Scourge of Bones
Pat Flewwelling
  Ishmael has been cured, but at what cost to him and his allies?​​

Two members of Ishmael's Pack are missing in action. The rest are either cured, powerless, or unfit for the public eye. The Wyrd Council has been destroyed from the inside by politics and murder, and its last members have scattered to the wind, unwilling to pick a side.

Ishmael’s few allies have taken shelter in a bunker in Halifax, waiting for him to recover, waiting for him to choose a course of direction. Half a continent away, a panic-stricken town is under military-enforced quarantine, and the situation is about to become violent, and viral.
When the Pack decides to bring the fight to Jay and his Bone Tribe, they’re halted by a new player in the game.

And just when Ishmael needs his wits about him, he realizes he’s becoming the man he hates most: the man he was before infection.

 Ishmael has been cured, but at what cost to him and his allies?​

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