Spies & Subterfuge

Spies & Subterfuge
by Christopher Hoare
The Mission to Locate Napoleon’s Steamships Continues . . .
Roberta Stephenson, steamship engineer, must once again aid her country, this time with intelligence gathering. No-one has glimpsed Napoleon’s steam-powered pyroscaphes, and there are disquieting rumours of a steam battleship—one even larger than Roberta’s Spiteful. 

With stolen American passports and support from the Dutch Resistance, Roberta and Lord Bond’s mission in Antwerp will surely succeed. There is only one difficulty: the passports are for a married couple. 

Roberta can’t refuse the proposal, not with her friends in danger. And before the mission is over, her friends and fellow spies will need every ounce of Roberta’s expertise, as she matches wits with Fouché, Napoleon’s Spymaster . . . and Napoleon himself.

Their mission compromised, Roberta and her friends will survive only by outwitting Fouché, Napoleon’s spymaster.

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