Timothy Reynolds

2016 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award finalist, Timothy Reynolds, is a ‘former everything’, including stand-up comic, teacher, editorial cartoonist, short-order cook, game show contestant, canoe-wrangler, paparazzo, accountant, and trainer of bus drivers.

His ancestors have been at the forefront of history, including arriving on The Mayflower, being chased from Salem, Massachusetts, and fathering Canadian Confederation, so it’s only natural that he has become a ‘twistorian’, mixing history with fiction to tell his tales.

“Canada’s modern-day Aesop”* was born in London, Ontario, raised in Toronto, and has called Alberta home since 1991. “Waking Anastasia” is his second novel, based on his own original screenplay, “Ana”.

Tim blogs at www.TheTaoOfTim.com , tweets at @tgmreynolds, and jams all the other stuff he does onto the Book of Face. Also check out www.tgmreynolds.com.

*Barbara Budd on CBC Radio’s “As It Happens”
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